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Chapter Seven-Part two

Wherever you are

It being their last week, they decided to stay on the property.  Piccolo told Dende to tell her family that they were training, if someone wanted to see her.  Salla admired Piccolo working with the contractors during the day.  At night, the two walked around the property, discussing their future and comforting one another.

Salla sat in bed.  She looked at the small desk calendar on the nightstand, then sighed and looked down.  The young lady felt a strange shift of emotions.  Once she was disappointed and saddened that her eldest brother wagered her, now she was burdened by having to leave.  More over, Salla was concerned about Piccolo.  The calendar did not help with the red marks over the days, and a circle indicating the day she was to return.
Just then Piccolo stomped into the bedroom.  He rushed into the closet, then quickly out of it.  The tall Namek then bumped into a side table in the bedroom.  He suddenly knocked off all the tables contents and kicked it.

"Piccolo, please! Stop..." Salla pleaded.

Piccolo paused, lowered his eyes and looked around.  His hands turned to fist, as the rest of his body tightened.  He then moved his head back slowly, swallowed and breathed in through his nose heavily.

"Come here..."  Salla said as she beckoned him with two fingers.

Piccolo looked at her with widened eyes, then closed them and sighed.  He sat next to her, put his forearms on his open lap and dropped his head.  The tall Namek shook his leg rapidly, as his eyes fixated on the floor.  He gritted his teeth and laced his fingers together tightly.  Salla rubbed his back and leaned close to him.

"Look...  I'm very sad too...  I love you, and just because this 'arrangement" is ending, does not mean that our relationship is ending.  It is most likely that Vegeta will want me to stay over a day or two.  It hurts me being away for an hour from you, I know...  It sucks... But please... Lets not ruin the remaining time being depressed and angry.  This is not how I wish to end this time together.  We are starting something good here.  Please, baby...  Calm down..."  She said lovingly.

Piccolo blinked and sat still.  He then leaned into Salla's arms and curled his legs on to the bed.  Salla shook her head, kissed her teeth and looked down at him, with a smirk, as she rubbed his back and shoulders.  

Later on, they took a relaxing shower together and went to bed.  Piccolo and Salla could not sleep and kept thinking about their final days.  She sighed and shook her head, then looked at the electronic clock.  It was past twelve in the morning.

"Dammit! I can't go to sleep knowing it's going to be the last time wit' you for a while."  Piccolo said with frustration.

"I know...  It's like my body wants to stay awake and be with you."  Salla replied.

"Salla...  There's something I have to tell you."  He said in a low voice.

"What is it? Anything."  She said.

"You might be wondering why I...  I haven't...  Had intercourse with you as of ye-"  Said Piccolo as he was interrupted.

Salla turned to him quickly and even more awake.  "Yes! Very much so!"  She inquired.

"Well...  There's a stereotype that all Nameks are 'genderless'...  That's not necessarily true.  We can...  'Give pleasure'...  In that way... It's just that...  While I do want you with more intensity than 1,000 suns, I'm assuming you're a virgin and...  I don't wish to...  Hurt you..."  The tall Namek said shyly.

"Oooh.  Well, yes...  I haven't been with anyone before...  And, I have heard that it does hurt a bit the first time...  But it's natural...  It will be ok."  Salla assured.

"It's not only that...  You see...  Um...  I'm...  I'm of 'copious' proportions...  And...  I haven't the experience neither."  Piccolo said with an embarrassed face and heavy blush.  "I mean, you've 'seen' me, right?"

"Well, not really.  Even though we have taken baths together, I haven't ventured 'down there'."  Salla said in a embarrassed voice.

Piccolo sighed, closed his eyes and then sat up.  He reached over to the lamp and switched it on.  Salla sat up and looked at him.  Piccolo then proceeded to lower his boxers, pulling them down to his knees.  Salla looked at Piccolo's face nervously.  She then moved her eyes slowly down his chest, past the abdomen and finally to his crotch.  The young lady paused and swallowed nervously.  Piccolo crossed his arms and turned his head away from Salla, closing his eyes.

"Well...  *Smacks lips*...  With all of my reading on Namekians...  I did not know they possessed three legs."  Salla said dryly and jokingly.

Piccolo face filled with blush.  He then pulled his underwear back up at lightening speed and sighed.  Salla giggled and wrapped her arms around him.

" *Sigh*  It will be o.k...  I will just never look at a 24 ounce water bottle the same way again."  Salla said nervously with a chuckle.

"Err...  Salla-Chan...!"  Piccolo snapped.

"Well...  It's not like we can go to sleep anyway."  Salla said as she moved her fingers up and down his nude chest.  Piccolo opened his eyes in shock, then quickly turned his head to her.  She then positioned herself forward facing on his lap and leaned her face close to his.  The young lady rested her hands on his crossed arms and locked her eyes on to his.  His mouth became slightly agape as trickles of nervous sweat fell from the sides of his face.

"But, Salla-Chan..."  Said Piccolo nervously.

"It's going to happen eventually...  So, why not now?  Especially since we cannot sleep?" Noted Salla.

Piccolo darted his eyes to the side, tightened his mouth and blushed.  Salla kissed his neck, put one hand on his chest, lightly, as her other hand took a hold of his privates.  Piccolo gasped lightly.  He then swallowed nervously and squinted his eyes as her other hand traveled down his body.  She then pulled his boxers down, pressed herself against him and moved her hands up his abdomen, then past his chest.  The young lady wrapped her arms around his neck, resting her lips within the cup of his neck.  
Piccolo slowly unfurled his arms and caressed her back.  He pressed himself against her, then lowered his head slightly, with closed eyes.

"Are you sure?" Piccolo asked. 
Salla took his forearms into her hands, guiding them to her hips.  She then sat up and slowly lifted her shirt off.  Piccolo looked at her bare chest in awe.  The young lady then took his hand and placed it on her breast.  Piccolo pulled her close to him with his other hand on her lower back.  Salla's hand's fell on his chest as they locked eyes.  They tilted their heads slightly as their lips slowly met.  Piccolo moved his hand up Salla's back, going past her neck, reaching the back of her head.  He combed his fingers into her hair and grasped it gently, pushing her head to his.  They kissed passionately as he caressed her breast with his other hand.

Salla and Piccolo did not slumber that night.  They made love into the morning light.  It started out gentle and slow, but quickly turned wild and unleashed.  So much so, that the bedroom took damage from their pent up sexual tension.  

Salla looked at the clock.  The bright red numbers showed it was 9:40 in the a.m.  She dropped her head back, resting her forearm over her chest.  The young lady found herself in a broken bed. positioned vertical within it.  Her knees bent over the sides of the victimized bed.  Piccolo was laying just under her feet, on the floor.  They had just went to sleep two hours before, but was awakened by the buzzing and ringing of his cellphone.  Piccolo grunted and sighed as he raised himself from the floor.  He reached over her, smirking, and then looked at the vibrating phone.  The tall Namek sat against the wall, on the bed, next to Salla, and answered the call.

"Moshi-Moshi...  Hai... Ohayou Gozaimasu..."  Piccolo said over the phone.

Salla slowly sat up.  Her lower half was sore from the hours long marathon of passion.  She tightened her face and positioned herself against the wall next to him, still holding the cover over her chest.  The young lady relaxed and breathed out of her mouth, gently.  Salla then looked around the room.  The table and nightstand were in different places from their origin.  There were cracks and scratches along the walls, even reaching the ceiling.  

"...Huh...  That was...  That was a' interesting one."  Salla noted as she looked at the ceiling.

She rolled her head to Piccolo and watched him talk over the phone.  It seemed he was talking to the contractors.  He was usually out the door around 6:30 a.m., working with them.  Piccolo turned his head away slightly from Salla, but then put his arm around her, and pulled her close to him.  She put a hand on his thigh and looked at him lovingly as he rubbed her bicep.

"Yes, I'll be in later...  Yes...  I was up all night, making furious love to my wife..."  Piccolo said nonchalantly.

"WH-WHAT?!!" Salla yelled.

"O.k., hai...  Hai...  Sayonara."  Piccolo said.  He then turned the phone off and placed it on the floor.  He sighed, lifting his forearm on top of his head.

"Hmph...  In the daylight, you can really see the mess we made."  Piccolo said calmly.

"Piccolo-kun!"  Salla snapped.

"It's a good thing the furniture in this room aren't alive.  They would of definitely called the police."  The tall Namek said slyly.

"Stop trying to change the subject!" She protested.

"Hum?"  Piccolo said as he turned his head to her.  

Salla crossed her arms and looked up at him harshly.  Piccolo slowly blinked at her.  Then a sly, slightly open mouth smirk crossed his face.

"It's alright, Salla-Chan.  I have other capsules."  Piccolo mused.  He then looked forward and crossed his arms behind his head.

Salla dropped her arms and looked at him in shock, with a widely agape mouth.

"You know that is not what I'm talking about!"  Salla said in amazement.

Chapter Seven-Part one

Wherever you are

It was only one week before Salla was to be 'released' from Piccolo's captivity.  The tall Namek told her that he had a surprise for the last week.  He took her to the Japan archipelago, with the repaired car.  Piccolo drove them to a mountainous area, where there were many Sakura trees, littered about it.  The young lady marveled at the area's beauty and purity.  The air was perfumed with the flowering trees and wild nature.
The tall Namek drove a few miles past the Sakura forest, stopping at a rock face, around 25 feet high, surrounded by small wooden stakes, with reddish pink ties, stretching for a seven acre circumference.  He lead her around the bend of the land that opened up to a private, grassy, waterfall, with trees catching the falling water in between it's branches.  The water made a small lake that emptied into a natural, rocky canal, which was another 10 or so meters from the body of water.  Salla then noticed a 10 ft Sakura tree, with very dark bark that beheld the whitest of pink flowers.  
Under the tree there was a large, ornate, metalwork chair; silver in color with a large, reddish-pink cushion.  In front of the chair laid medium sized, round carpet, with varying colors.
The grass under the young lady's feet felt crisp and soft, slightly moist from the water.  Piccolo led her to a small round table with two chairs, close to the face of the waterfall.  The table was also a fine silvery, metalwork table, with a large Bento box atop it.  Both chairs where the same as the other chair under the Sakura, but normal sized.  
He stood her to the side of the table and took out a capsule.  Salla looked around her surroundings and admired the extensive care that her beloved took in arranging this date.  She then heard a large pop and turned quick to see a small capsule house.  Salla then realized that Piccolo must have rented this area for their use, seeing the red makers and how private it was.  Piccolo went to the side of the waterfall and lifted what appeared to be some boxes.  He put the boxes a few feet from the table, then took two thin boxes from a top what appeared to be a old fashioned record player.

"Here, inside is a 'Fursode'.  A traditional dress of japan worn by young ladies, with a pair of 'Geta'."  Piccolo said as he handed her the flat box.

Salla looked at him and bowed.  She chuckled and went into the house.  It was only one bedroom, with a round living room and bathroom.  The kitchen space was behind a small wall.  The young lady went into the bedroom and sat on the bed.  She admired the top of the elaborate box and stroked it slowly.  Salla then opened it, revealing a whiter, than white garment, with light brown shoes, that had white lacing.  She delicately put down the geta, near her feet.  
The young lady watched the dress unfold as she raised it gently from the flat box.  The long sleeves and skirt had painted Sakura branches, with reddish blossoming flowers, that traced from the forearm of the sleeves, and the knee section of the skirt.  Salla stood up quickly and gasped at it's beauty.  She then pressed the fursode against herself lightly, and admired it.  The young lady swallowed her emotions and sighed.

A few moments later, Salla had finished carefully putting on the traditional dress and admired herself in the mirror as she sat on the bed.  She also pinned her hair up and replaced the silvery comb to the side of her head.  The young lady lowered her head, took in a deep breath slowly.  She then rolled in her lips, as she breathed out her nose.  Salla patted her lap a few times then stood up.  She almost fell back, not being used to wearing the Japanese sandals.

Salla felt tight and unusually shy.  They had been all over the world within the time that they were together, but something about this day seemed significant.  They would go on day trips and be back at the lookout for bed.  This time it was over night.  
The shy young lady raised her blush soaked head and saw Piccolo wearing a what appeared to be a traditional Japanese garment, indigo in color.  She admired the 'Obi' around his waist and the large 'Sakura Kamon' emblem on the back of the garment.  He stood to the side of the record player, with one hand on the needle handle, as his other arm was bent behind him.  
The tall Namek noticed Salla, standing to the side of the house, he became slightly nervous, swallowed heavily and started the record player hastily.  Salla chuckled, raising a hand to her mouth.  She met him halfway between the house and table.  They took one another's hands, bowed to one another, locked eyes and smiled lightly at each other.  The both of them admired one another garments and laughed lightly.  Salla then heard the sound of a 'Shamisen' playing.  
Piccolo released her left hand and stood to the side of her.  He then raised her right hand to his lips and kissed it gently.  Salla turned her head to the side, raised her free hand to her face and rolled her lips in as she smiled.  Piccolo lowered her hand and rubbed the back of it with his thumb, as he held it within his.  She looked at him and blinked.  He nodded at her then lead her to the table, having her sit first, then lifting the chair slightly, putting her closer to the table.  Piccolo sat at the other side of the round table.  He then opened the box and revealed Sakura-shaped Mochi sweets, with a three-piece tea set.  Salla oo-ed and ahh-ed as he arranged the snack.

They conversed and sat, after the Mochi was devoured, and the their tea cups refilled several times.

"Out of all of the places we have been, this has to be one of the most lovely, my darling.  Quiet, secluded, lush and brimming with natural beauty."  Salla noted.

"Yes, I got it for us to be with one another.  I have always appreciated the serenity of area's such as this.  Knowing that you love nature and study plant life, I figured it would be perfect."  Piccolo replied.

"Being with you has been perfect enough.  I love you."  Salla replied.

Piccolo looked at her with amazement, then snapped his head to the side and looked down.  He blushed lightly and sighed gently.  Salla smiled lightly, then turned her head to the waterfall.  Her eyes followed the waterfall, going into the lake.  She looked on at Sakura petals as they swirled lightly in the water.  The young lady sighed, put her hands together on her lap, then turned her head back to the man she loved.

"I never thought of myself to be in a place like this."  Piccolo said quietly.

"But you said that you come to area's like this-"  Salla said as she was interrupted, by Piccolo.

"Happy."  Piccolo Interrupted.  "I have been fortunate to have Gohan as a friend for many years now, and acceptance within your family.  But this...  This is different.  You care about me in ways that I did not know were possible, and in return I'm vulnerable and ensured by your love."  

"The only thing I can say is that, there is no where else I would rather be right now, than with you.  I love you, Piccolo-kun.  I love you, dearly.  I feel that you are my ending, the closed book for my life.  I'm truly glad to have met you."  Salla said softly.

Piccolo looked at her in shock.  His eyes widened and his breath became light.  The tall Namek then rushed out of his chair and walked a few feet away from the table.  He then raised a hand to his chest and breathed in heavily.  Salla looked on at him in concern as she tilted her head.  Piccolo then dropped to his knees and held himself with one arm.  The young lady rushed over to him, placing her hands on his shoulder and bicep.  She leaned her face to the side of his head and asked him what the matter was.  Piccolo swallowed lightly, then his mouth became agape.  His chest moved in and out as he breathed.  

"Piccolo-Kun, please! What is wrong...?  What happened?!"  Salla inquired with concern.

"...I'm...  I'm not used to this...  This is the first time that I have ever been in love...  And for someone as beautiful to reciprocate my feelings...  I never could of imagined this...  Never expected any of it."  Piccolo said in a breathy voice.

"It is my first time also.  But what I feel is undeniable and stronger than anything that I have ever experienced.  I'am sewed to you.  Where ever you are, I shall be."  Salla said lovingly.

The young lady rested her head between his shoulder blades and rubbed his biceps.  The tall Namek sat up and turned to Salla.  She lowered her hands to his lap and looked at him with loving concern.  He then put his hand on hers and his other hand on the side of her face.  Salla leaned her face slightly into his hand, blinked and looked at him with a light smile.  Piccolo swallowed and looked at her face intensely.  He took her suddenly into his arms and kissed her deeply.  The tall Namek then stood up, with Salla cradled in his arms.  
Piccolo walked to the Sakura tree and sat her in the over-sized chair.  He then knelt in front of her, taking her hands into his.  He seemed nervous and began to sweat lightly.  Salla laid a hand on top of his hands, shook her head lightly and looked at him with slight concern.

"Salla...  It has almost been a year since you have arrived on Earth.  Not only have you been kind to me, but you went out of you're way to be truthful, open with your feelings, and trusting of me.  You gave me a chance and went from a good friend to someone that I care deeply about.  The more time we spent together, it became harder to go back to the lookout and be alone."  Piccolo said.  He then dropped his head and sighed deeply.  

Salla took her hand and caressed the side of his face.  Piccolo lifted his head, breathed in and out of his mouth, closed his eyes, then turned his head to the right.

"I did something that I hope does not scare you away.  But I warn you...  Even if you try to run, there is nowhere on this planet or within the universe that you can hide from me."  Piccolo said firmly.

Piccolo locked eyes with Salla with great intensity.  She widened her eyes in shock and amazement.  The young lady felt her body lock with his glare.  The tall Namek then turned his head and looked down as his hand searched in within his pants pocket.  Piccolo other hand held both of Salla hands.  He then turned his head back to her and placed a key within her hands.  Piccolo crossed his arms as Salla inspected the key.

"What is this?  The key to your heart?"  Salla chuckled.

"No, It is the key to this."  Piccolo retorted.  He then placed a medium box on her lap.  Salla shook her head with her eyes closed and smirked.  She then opened the box and saw a doorknob.  Piccolo took Salla into his arms and flew upward to the flat land above them.  He then walked to a sign and stood her next to it.  Salla looked at him, then the sign.  She then looked at Piccolo in shock and surprise.  Piccolo held her close to him by her shoulder and looked down at the sign.

"I bought this land.  I love you, Salla-Chan, and will build a house here for us to live together.  I wish to help build it, but I'm not much of a carpenter or mason.  I will do my best with the contractors that I have hired."

"For the first time in my life I have nothing to say...  I'm just...  In awe and shock.  But in a good way."  Salla said softly.  She then walked onto the flat land and looked around the area.  She then noticed the car parked below the cliff.  "All of this area where the wooden stakes are...  That land belongs to us?"

"Yes...  It's several acres and very private.  I didn't want to move you into the lookout because it never really belonged to me, and the land that you are on now is really your brother's.  I wanted us to have a place of our own.  Just for us to be."  Piccolo replied as he crossed his arms.  

Salla knelt down and waved her hands in the rich green grass, slowly.  She choked back tears and swallowed heavily.  Piccolo walked beside her and looked down at her.

"I will be with you here for as long as you will have me, my love."  Salla said emotionally.  She then turned to him and lifted herself off the ground.  He reached for her and she took his hand.  The young lady lowered his hand with hers and placed her other hand to his cheek.  Their lips met one another and they kissed lightly and lovingly.

Later that same day, contractors arrived and talked with the couple.  The company stood behind Piccolo and Salla, as their foreman took a picture of them, with Piccolo leaning his arm atop a spade and Salla holding his torso.


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***Authors notes in description***

Chapter Six-Part four


Salla and Piccolo discussed keeping their relationship secret, for a time, so that they can be to themselves without people looming over them.  They agreed after another two or three months, they'd reveal their romantic status.  By the time they reached the lookout surface, Piccolo and Salla were already within one another's arms.  They then started to caress each other and kiss passionately.  
Dende happened to walk by and see this.  His face turned to shock and disbelief.  The young guardian hurried over to the couple, whom were against a wall, entangled with one another.  The Kami sighed, closed his eyes and gritted his teeth.  He then chuckled and looked at them.

"I knew it..."  Dende said with slight irritation.

Dende tapped his wooden staff next to their ears, on the wall.  They seemed not to hear and continued their passions.  He then cleared his throat and tapped heavier.  Piccolo turned his head, quickly, then released Salla.  Salla looked at Piccolo then looked passed the tall Namek's arm, at Dende.  She blinked a few times, then smiled nervously at the irritated guardian.  Dende crossed his arms, tapped his foot and looked at both of them.

"Umm...  Surprise?  Heh..."  Salla chuckled nervously.

"Not really..."  Dende said as he closed his eyes and turned his nose up.

Salla and Piccolo sighed.  

Within the hour, Salla and Piccolo had a long conversation about their relationship with the guardian.  The two told him that it was almost impossible to let go of one another.  The young lady and the tall Namek apologized and asked for the Kami's advice.  Dende agreed to help them.  He warned his training would be hard, but fruitful.  They both agreed and followed him to a clear area.

"Alright Salla-Chan.  Stand over here."  Dende said as he tapped his staff near her feet.

Piccolo and Salla looked at one another.  The Namek's warrior grip on Salla's biceps became tight.  Salla wrapped her arms around his torso and closed her eyes.  Dende sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Guys...  It's only one tile square apart..."  The guardian chuckled.

The couple looked at one another and sighed.  They then held hands as Salla stepped back one tile square.  

"Good...  Now...  Release one another's hand's." Said Dende.

Salla turned her head away and slid her hands out of his.  Piccolo dropped his arms and tightened his hands into fists.

Within only two minutes, they were entangled in one another's arms again.  Dende sighed and shook his head.

"So...  Have you two...  'defiled' the lookout?"  Dende asked in a irritated tone.

Piccolo and Salla looked at one another.  The young lady then looked at Dende as Piccolo looked up and to the side.

"Define...  'Defiled'."  Salla asked with a nervous laugh.

Dende lowered his head and pinched the bridge of his nose.  "Intercourse, Salla-Chan...  Intercourse."  The guardian sighed with exhaustion.

"Well...  No...  Most likey everything else, but that.  We just wanted to get to know one another over time..."  Salla replied.

"With communication and sharing each other's feelings..."  Piccolo noted.

"We can make a good and strong relationship not totally based on physical passion.  But with time alone and understanding one another's needs and dislikes."  Salla said.

"O.k., alright...  Alright...  *Sigh*  You...  You guy's are giving me, diabetes..."  Dende told them.

"Oh, ok.  What is diabetes?" Salla said with a smile as she looked at Piccolo.

Piccolo sighed, lowered his head and covered his eyes with his palm.  Dende closed his eyes, cleared his throat and sighed.

"You know, Piccolo-Kun.  I'm kind of disappointed and surprised.  If Salla-Chan were my girlfriend, I would have her more wrecked than a car wrapped around a tree."  Dende said with a devilish smirk.

Piccolo and Salla looked at him in shock.  The tall Namek then carried Salla over to the table by the kitchen, sat her in a chair, then patted her head.  Piccolo then flew over to Dende at lightening speed with a attack.  Dende barely dodged the attack and flew away from the enraged Piccolo.
Salla looked on in shock, rushed out of her chair and went after them.

"PICCOLO-KUN, NOOoo!!!"  Salla yelled as she gave chase.

The young lady caught up to them and put herself between Dende and Piccolo.  She spread her arms and looked at her angry beloved, whom was sparking with energy and glowing eyes.  The Namek warrior breathed through his tightened teeth.  He then paused, calmed himself and lowered his fist.  Salla wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his.  Piccolo stood straight and took her into his arm.  His other arm was tightened with frustration and ended with a fist.  
He turned his head to her and kissed the side of her forehead.  Piccolo looked down at the guardian with frustration.  Dende then raised himself from the ground and shook his head with a deep sigh.

"Don't test me like that again, Dende.  Got that!?!"  Piccolo demanded.

"Well it worked, did it not? You were able to separate yourself from Salla. Kudos."  Dende said sarcastically.

"Hm, he is right."  Salla noted.

Piccolo sighed and pulled her close to him with a cape cloaked arm.  Salla lowered her arms and wrapped them around the tall Namek's torso.

Everyone calmed down and sat at the table. Piccolo took off his weighted turban and shoulders, and sat close to Salla.  He tapped his fingers on the table as his other arm rested under his chest.

"So, you two have been staying together, right?"  Dende asked.

"Well I suppose that cat is out of the bag."  Salla sighed.

"I was not too sure, but thank you for confirming it."  Dende said as he tapped his staff on the ground a few times.  "I felt a vibe between you two, and backed off.  I wanted to visit you in the apartment, tell you of my feelings, then board you like a boat going out to sea.  I knew after being with me, you would of loved me, but...  'Que sera, sera'."

Salla and Mr. Popo looked at Dende with shock.  Salla's eyes then darted to the fuming Piccolo.  His eyes were flushed with glowing reddish- purple energy.  A sinister, tight, toothy smile stretched across his face.  Mr. Popo sighed and took the teacups from everyone, put them in the tray with the kettle, then turned to the kitchen.

"Wash dishes with me, Miss Salla."  Popo said as he went into the kitchen.

Before Salla could respond to Mr. Popo, Piccolo flipped the table, then launched himself at Dende.  Dende rushed behind Salla, barely avoiding the tall Nameks hand.

"Dende, you need to stop! Piccolo cares for me deeply and we are just starting this relationship out."  Salla pleaded.

"It was just a joke! You like funny guys, right Salla-Chan?"  Dende said nervously.

"Not helping! You really have a mouth on you for a Kami, you know that?"  Salla asked firmly.

"Well, if you change your mind about Piccolo, then you can see what I can do with it."  Dende said slyly. 

Piccolo powered himself up a few levels, now physically glowing with energy.  Salla widened her eyes at Dende, looked forward, sighed and then stepped to the side.

"Here.."  Salla said in a defeated voice.

"What?! NOo!!!" Dende yelled.

Piccolo stretched his arm and took the guardian by the top of his shirt, bringing their faces close to one another.  Salla looked on in concern as her angry beloved dragged a kicking and screaming Dende, slowly, behind the kitchen.

"Here, miss Salla.  Help me dry the dishes."  Mr. Popo sighed.

Salla sighed and went into the kitchen.  She took a small towel and started to dry dishes.

"How many Kami apprentices are there?" Salla inquired.

"There's not really a line for the position."  Popo replied in a shaky voice.

"NO! I WAS JUST KIDDING!!! PLEA-"  Dende screamed.  His pleading was interrupted by what sounded like blunt force.

Salla and Mr. Popo paused and looked at the direction of the sound.  Then there was a eerie and uncomfortable quiet.

"....shi'...  Taking Dende to the recovery area! ...Be right back..." Piccolo stated.

Mr. Popo and Salla looked at one another.  The servant sighed and lowered his head.  

"You continue with that...  I'll mop up the carnage."  Mr Popo said in a jittery voice.

" ...oh...  O.k..."  Salla responded slow and sad.

"Oh and Madam, Salla? Remind me to never complement you."  Mr. Popo inquired.

"Ah, Mr. Popo.  Look, I'll talk to him.  You're fine!"  Salla said confidently.

"I hope so..."  Mr. Popo said with little confidence.

Over the remainder of her time at the lookout, Piccolo and Salla were inseparable.  They did chores for the lookout during the day, then went to various destinations around the world.  It was a combination of a whirlwind romance, with two souls reconnecting with one another.  

Piccolo and Salla drove with the repaired car, going to famous landmarks and nature trails.  They went to expensive restaurants and jokingly ordered expensive water and beverages only.  Salla finally encouraged him to get his drivers licence.  She also helped with his road rage.  Both felt that they had already known one another for many years.  It was almost a reunion. 
A Stoic Heart Cracks-23
***Authors Note***
When I use Dende, I'm using the older version, because he is only a year or two younger than Gohan.  It was very odd that around the Buu battle the animators kept switching his height around.  I realize that imagining Dende because of that fact can be confusing, so just imagine him around... a guess mid 20's or even late 20's and close to 6 feet.  

And the timeline that I am using is the time line after the Buu battle.  So its before Dragonball Super and after Dragonball Z.***


Next:  ***Coming Soon***
im not complete with chapter 3, but the only thing I can tell you, its one of the most emotional of the story.  im very much enjoying doing this story more than i thought i would.  i do not want to lose the characters original, characteristics since it is a FAN FICTION, im trying to show their feelings...  hopefully im doing a good job.


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