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Chapter Three-Part Two

Seeking but Hiding

The next day.

Salla received a phone call from Bulma.  She wanted to learn some Saiyan recipes from her and wanted to come over.  The young lady agreed happily to have her over.  Within the hour, Salla saw the capsule ship land in front of her house.  To her surprise, Vegeta was with Bulma also.  Salla kept her composer and greeted both of them in.  Bulma gave Salla a hug and kiss.  Vegeta went passed the both of them, with his head down and arms crossed.

"So, what kind of recipes were you interested in?" Salla asked.  "And please, sit where ever.  This is your home also."

Bulma sat next to Vegeta in the living room, on the couch.  She waved Salla over.  Salla sat in a chair across from the both of them.  Bulma shook her head, reached over and pulled Salla onto the couch between her and Vegeta.  Vegeta looked over, then turned his head away and crossed his legs.

"I think you should ask Vegeta what kind of food he is interested in."  Bulma mused.

Salla looked at Bulma, then at Vegeta.  She then sighed and shook her head, lightly.

"I would love to hear what kind of food he likes.  In fact..."

The young lady rose from the couch, went into the kitchen area and started to gather various ingredients.  Bulma looked at her sister-in-law.  She then lightly shoved her husband and looked at him sternly.  He turned his head to his wife, saw the expression on her face, then looked away again.

"So...  You were raised by our father...  Do you know the Saiyan language?"  Vegeta asked in a low voice.

Salla paused momentarily.  She took in a deep breath and sighed, trying not to cry.  The young lady then replied to him in the Saiyan language, that she was fluent in not only that language, but several others.  Vegeta replied to her in Saiyan also, saying 'Very good and interesting'. 

"Hey, don't leave me out of the loop!"  Bulma said.  

Salla looked back and giggled.  Vegeta shook his head and smirked.

Salla cooked them a 5 course Saiyan meal.  Bulma was shocked to see that Vegeta did not eat as much as usual.  His appetite was almost normal.  Salla explained that Saiyan food is more dense.

After the meal, Vegeta, Bulma and Salla sat outside of the house at the small round table.  It was night time and they were all having refreshments.

"You really care about your family, don't you Salla?"  Bulma asked.

"Of course."  Salla replied

"It might not seem like it, but Vegeta cares also."

Vegeta looked down and away.  Salla looked at Bulma, leaned forward on to the table and laid her arms across one another.  Bulma drank the remainder of her beverage, looked into the cup while moving it around slightly.  The teal haired woman held her elbow in her hand and sighed.

"I know that you do not know one another well, but it has been a little over two months, going on three months since you have been here.  It is not right that you two are not talking."  Bulma said lightly.

Salla and Vegeta looked at one another.  Salla looked down at the table and Vegeta looked away from his wife.  Salla nodded her head, then looked at her brother.

"Vegeta...  I believe that if you did not want to be here right now that you would not.  I do not wish to think of the reasons why you are, or were so hesitant toward me.  But that is the past no matter how close.  I hope for peace between us and a sibling bond that will grow over time."  Salla Said emotionally.

Vegeta swallowed heavily.  He tapped his foot rapidly, blinking the tears back into his eyes.

"We thought that you were dead.  But at the same time, we were haunted.  Father felt guilty for allowing Frieza into our kingdom.  At least once a day he would say something about his sons."

"He should..."  Vegeta said in a low voice.

Salla sighed and rolled her eyes.  She then swallowed and breathed in and out heavily.  "There is nothing that can change the past, and it will always hurt.  But we are here now.  And..."

The emotional young lady got up from her seat, knelt down in front of her brother and looked up at him.  Vegeta looked down at Salla with watery eyes.  He then shut them tightly and and gritted his teeth.  Bulma put a hand on her husband shoulder.

"I love you.  I always have.  Our father missed you severely."  Salla said with tears dropping from her eyes.

"He has you!"  Vegeta said as he shot out of his chair.  He then walked a few steps away and tightened his fist.  Salla got up from the ground and stood behind her brother a few feet.  Bulma stood by the table.

"You think that I was a replacement? Vegeta-"

"What else am I supposed to believe?!"  The Saiyan prince yelled.  He then turned to Salla with tears streaming down his face.  Salla blinked and swallowed heavily.  Her face became flushed.

"He sent away our other brother 'to get stronger', then I get taken away by that evil bastard Frieza!  Then after all of these years, he just so happens to be alive, with a child that he 'created', but pampered!  YOU grew with him, knew him as a father!  He protected you, taught you how it is to be a Saiyan.  Shit, you had TWO Saiyan fathers and I HAD NONE!"

"My life was NOT easy, Vegeta... Look at me...  Do you know anything.... ANYTHING...  About the planet that I was raised on?"  Salla said loudly.

Vegeta looked down and away.  Salla stepped closer to him.

"I grew up in constant harassment.  Everyone including myself thought I was a freak of nature.  I thought I was deformed.  Bullied in school to the point of having to learn at home--I was a hermit.  No Friends, couldn't even go out to eat, and people on my mother's side of the family, to this day do not accept me.  Everyone on Catlithia has fur, feathers or both! So imagine walking down the street or trying to, looking like this!"

"But, Salla, your gorgeous..." Bulma said lightly.

"Different planet, different likes."  Salla replied.  "Everyone goes through something...  Somethings are worse than others and I'm not denying that yours was most likely worse than mine.  I was not there...  I was not even thought of, But...  But I know where I am and WHO I am, and what I believe in!  Our father loves-you...  You have a beautiful family...  And I...  I Love you..."

Salla slowly put a hand on her brothers shoulder.  He dropped his head, coughed lightly, then crossed his arms.  The young lady swallowed and then tears dropped from her eyes.

"Please accept me..!."Salla said tearfully.

Her head dropped, then hand fell from his shoulder.  Salla started to sob lightly.  Bulma rushed over and held her.  Suddenly Vegeta pulled his wife off of his sister.

"Vegeta! What are you-" Bulma asked.

"There are not alot of us left.  Saiyans look after their own."  Vegeta said in a crackling low voice.  He then slowly wrapped his arms around Salla.  His little sister sobbed heavily in his arms.  Vegeta's embrace became stronger as he choked back tears.  Bulma cried and then took out her phone.  She took a picture of the siblings, and texted it with the caption 'Did you think this would happen?! Finally!'

The next weekend, Salla stayed over at the home Bulma and her brother shared.  She played with Trunks.  Helped Bulma with recipes, and sparred with her older brother.  The last day of Salla's visit, Bulma invited everyone to the home.  They were all curious and pleasantly surprised that Vegeta turned a new leaf with Salla.

"So, Vegeta.  What kind of magic did Bulma do to make you accept Salla finally?" Goku asked.

"What are you talking about?"  Vegeta asked.  "Salla's the daugther of my father.  My young sister."  Vegeta said in a low voice, with his arms crossed and eyes closed.

"Ok Vegeta...  Ok."  Goku said with a smirk.  He then took a swallow of a drink.

Chapter Three-Part one

Seeking but Hiding

"That was a pretty hard hit."  Vegeta said with a smirk.  "Did Piccolo teach you to sucker punch people?"

"If your so powerful and 'pure' then you should of saw it coming."  Salla retorted.

Vegeta's face turned serious.  Salla didn't get in a stance.  She closed her eyes and felt his energy rise.

"Is he really going to go super Saiyan on her?! He doesn't even know if she's strong enough to handle that! Vegeta really doesn't care about hurting his sister at all."  Piccolo said in anger and concern.

"If it gets out of control, we'll step in."  Goku replied.

"Dammit, Goku, shes not a fighter!"  

"I think she is."  Goku Said as he crossed his arms and lowered his head.  Piccolo and Gohan looked at him.  Goku, closed his eyes and smirked.  "There's a difference between not liking to fight and then not being able to fight.  She might not 'like' to fight, but I believe she can hold her own.  Either way, she punched Vegeta.  If she was not able to defend herself then she would not have done that."

Piccolo crossed his arms and stood up straight.  He then lowered his head and looked on at Salla and Vegeta.  "I hope your right."  The tall Namek said with concern in a low voice.

"Hmpth, can you even turn super Saiyan?"  Vegeta scoffed.

"I do not need to.  It's a waste of energy.  I know how to power up and use my energy without wasting it; By keeping it in my body.  You haven't reached the level to where you can do that."  Said Salla.


"YOU WONT LET ME GET TO KNOW YOU!"  She loudly interrupted.

Salla opened her eyes, then turned away from him.  Vegeta hyperventilated, tightened his fist, and looked at her.

"Fighting you would be a waste of time.  Besides...  I can not fight you in the first place.  You win."  Salla said as she started to walk away.

"You punch me, then turn AWAY?!"

Vegeta then few to Salla with a attack.  She sighed and took his fist in her hand, blocking it.  Vegeta looked at her wide eyed, as she slowly turned her head to look at him.

"Yes, son of my father.  I did punch you.  I apologize heavily.  But I will not fight you. I just wanted to show you I was strong, even though I' am not a 'pure' Saiyan.  I will not fight you.  Though you seem to have no concern for me, I love you very much and care about you."

She then threw him down to the ground, crossed her arms and sighed as she looked at him.  "I will not fight you.  You have a wife and are the father to my nephew.  We-are-family.  But we think differently...  I hate fighting...  You use it to prove yourself.  I use it to protect the ones I love.  So therefore, I shalt use it on you."

"Wow, Aunt Salla just blocked that fast super Saiyan attack."  Gohan noted.  "She really is strong.  Hey dad, you might have a rival."

Goku chuckled slightly and smirked.

Suddenly, Vegeta shot up and attacked her with a flurry of punches.  Salla ducked and weaved, avoiding his barrage.  She then found an opening and kicked his feet, sending him flat on his back.  The frustrated Saiyan shot up again, lunged at his sister with more attacks.  Once again, she deflected his attacks and sent him to the ground.

"Shes not attacking him."  Said Gohan

"She hates to fight, but she's blocking him.  It's impressive that Salla is able to keep up with that speed."  Piccolo said.  "She's even compassionate to someone that refuses to realize her as family.  It must be heart breaking to her, but yet she remains peaceful.  Salla is ingenious."

Goku and Gohan looked at Piccolo curiously.

"She may hate to fight and doesn't want to hurt anyone, but she punched Vegeta.  For someone that does not like to fight she still hit him.  I believe she was trying to prove her worth."

Goku and Gohan contemplated Piccolo's words.

Over a span of 2 hours, Vegeta kept attacking Salla with punches, kicks and energy attacks.  Salla deflected all of his attacks.  Vegeta stood a few feet from her, looked at her with wide, angry eyes.  He was sweating and panting.  The Saiyan prince leveled up to Super Saiyan 2 and was still not able to get her to fight him.
Salla was sweating also, but more composed then he was.  She shook her head and sighed.


"Fine! Have it your way!"  Vegeta interrupted.  "If you are not going to fight me, then I have no business here!"

Salla looked down and away.  Vegeta flew off.  Goku, Gohan and Piccolo sped over to her.  Salla fell into her brothers' chest and wept.  Gohan rubbed her on the back.  Goku wrapped his arms around Salla.  Piccolo sighed, crossed his arms and closed his eyes.  

"You did great, Salla.  We were all very impressed."  Piccolo said reassuringly. 

Salla sniffled, wiped her tears and looked at Piccolo.  Goku and Gohan agreed.  She then stood up and sighed.  The tall Namek patted her on the head, looked down at her and smirked.  A smile grew on face.  Salla sighed, chuckled and thanked everyone for their support.

A few days later, Salla did her best to forget the confrontation with her and Vegeta.  She was waving between happiness and depression.  Today was the day that young lady was to travel to Kami's lookout.  She loaded her vehicle with three tea plants and gardening supplies.  Salla was wearing blue jean shorts that were slightly above her knees, a white sleeveless shirt, with brown boots below the knees, and brown worker gloves.

"Ah, here she comes now."  Dende said.  

Mr. Popo and Dende looked at Salla's arriving vehicle.  Piccolo stepped up behind them with arms crossed.  She landed and hopped out the vehicle.  Salla waved to everyone enthusiastically.  Dende and Mr. Popo went over and greeted her.  Piccolo looked at her slightly uncomfortably.  He swallowed heavily, breathed in and turned to the side.
Mr. Popo and Dende carried the plants passed Piccolo.  Salla went up to the tall Namek and greeted him.  He nodded his head and greeted her back.  He darted his eyes, at her, then away.  Piccolo excused himself and walked away.  Salla looked at him as he walked away.  She shrugged her shoulders, then went over to help Mr. Popo and Dende with the plants.  

Within a little over an hour, the three plants were placed in the garden.  Salla washed up and made tea with some of the freshly dried leaves.

"The brown ones are the most favorable.  They naturally dry in the sun and soak in it's nutrients along with the mineral rich soil."  Salla said.

"Your very good with plants, Salla-Chan."  Dende said.

"Hey, what happened to Piccolo-Senpai?"  Salla inquired.

"The last I saw him, he was over there, by the library."  Mr. Popo answered.

Salla turned her head and was about to get up, when she saw Piccolo.  She stood up, bowed, and poured him a cup a tea.  Piccolo took the tea, drank a sip and closed his eyes.  He opened his eyes, looked down at her, then put the cup down on the table.  The tall Namek turned away, crossed his arms and walked a few steps.  Salla looked at him with curiosity.  Piccolo turned his head slightly in her direction.

"Follow me, Salla-San.  I need to talk to you."  Said Piccolo.

"Of course, Piccolo-Senpai.

Dende leaned slightly forward as he took sips of his tea and watched Salla walking behind Piccolo.  He sighed and shook his head.

Piccolo lead Salla to the library.  He opened the door for her, having her walk in ahead of him.  She looked around at the large collection, then she heard the door lock behind her.  Salla turned to the tall Namek.  She saw his hand on the door knob.  Piccolo's hand dropped from the doorknob heavily.  He then walked up to her and looked down at her with an intimidating stare.  The young lady walked backward until she hit a bookshelf.  Salla looked at him as he walked close to her.  She pressed herself against the wall of books lightly.  
Piccolo and Salla were only a foot in distance.  She looked up at him and began to blush lightly.  Piccolo leaned over her, crossed his arms and lowered his face close to hers.  Salla swallowed heavily as he stared deeply at her.

"Senpai...?"  Salla said with a shaky voice.

He breathed in and out.  "What are you trying to pull?" Piccolo asked in a low voice.

"I...  I don't under-"

Suddenly Piccolo dropped his arms.  Salla searched his face nervously.  He then put one hand on the side of his lower back and slammed the other against the bookcase, close to her ear.  She slightly jumped and blushed heavier.  Salla gulped then opened her mouth a little.  Her eyes darted around his face.

"That outfit..!"  Piccolo said with irritation.

Salla shook her head lightly, looked down at her garments and tugged at her shirt.  "What's... Whats wrong with it?"  She asked.

Piccolo tapped his fingers close to her ear at a medium pace.  He then crossed his arms, tapped his foot, looked her up and down, then stood straight up.  Salla looked back at him, put her arms behind her back and shrugged her shoulders.  Piccolo leaned forward toward her again.

"Your not going to make me crack...  Got that?!"  Piccolo said firmly. 

" 'Crack' ?"  Salla asked.

Piccolo stood straight, turned his head and gritted his teeth.  Salla chuckled, sighed, and shook her head.  The tall Namek turned his head to her and looked down at Salla.  Salla looked up at him with a light, closed lip smile.  She then put her hands on his crossed arms.  Piccolo's eyes twitched as they widened.  He tightened his showing teeth and tilted his head away from her.

"Piccolo-Senpai..."  She chuckled.  Salla then lowered her head, shook it lightly and then looked back at him.  "I want to be your friend and get to know you.  As a friend, I would wish to help you and share things with you.  Not 'crack' you or anything negative.  I think you are a smart, strong and brave guy, and I admire you.  Please do not think or feel that I would derail you in any way. And...  Hopefully over time...  We can grow closer and more trusting of one another and see it blossom into something beautiful."

Piccolo turned away from her.  He then shook his head lightly, sighed and went for the door.  Salla stepped toward him, then looked down at her clothes again, then back at him.


Piccolo turned his head slightly to her.  She walked up to him, wrapped her arms around his free arm and looked up at his face with twinkling eyes.  He was startled and jumped at her grabbing him.

"As your friend, I wish to know what is wrong with my outfit.  I do not wish to repeat the error in the future."  

Piccolo opened the door at lightening speed, freed his arm from Salla's light grasp and rushed out the room.  Salla looked on at Piccolo rushing away.  She then looked down at her outfit.  Just then Dende and Mr. Popo came to the library.

"Is everything alright, Salla?!"  Dende asked in concern.

"Piccolo-Sama doesn't like my outfit.  He said I was trying to make him, 'crack'?"

Dende and Mr. Popo looked at one another wide-eyed, then laughed loudly.  Salla looked at the both of them curiously.

im not complete with chapter 3, but the only thing I can tell you, its one of the most emotional of the story.  im very much enjoying doing this story more than i thought i would.  i do not want to lose the characters original, characteristics since it is a FAN FICTION, im trying to show their feelings...  hopefully im doing a good job.

Chapter Two: Part Three

Training with Tea

Over a few weeks, Piccolo took Salla to different locations all over the world for training.  She climbed burning volcanoes in weighted clothing.  Trekked through the Antarctic, barefoot, with only a sleeveless shirt and high shorts.  Meditated underwater for 15 minutes at a time.  Flew higher than Kami's lookout to the point of almost leaving the Earth.   
Salla was a quick and disciplined learner as she promised.  She learned all of the basics within a little over two weeks.  The young lady was extremely advanced. This made Piccolo recollect to what she first told him.  Salla said that she had over 10 trainers.  Was this nice young lady really a fighting prodigy?  Her fathers did mention they created her to defeat Frieza, and he was immensely powerful.  

Another three weeks passed with advanced training.  There was nothing more he could teach her.  Two whole months passed and in that small amount of time, Salla absorbed everything that he knew about fighting.  She countered his attacks and defended herself very well, but Piccolo wanted to see more of her power.
He took her to a empty canyon.  During training, Salla was worried about plant-life and small animals.  Goku, Gohan and Vegeta were there also.  Her family stayed in the distance looking on at the two talk.

"I've seen Piccolo train Salla over the past two months."  Goku Said.  "She's a quick learner.  But why are you here today Vegeta? You never really paid attention to her before."

"I'm curious about her abilities.  IF she really is a fighting genius, then maybe the two of us will have something to talk about."

"That's kind of selfish, Vegeta."  Gohan said.  "She really is a nice person.  Salla-chan has feelings and really cares about things."

Vegeta turned his head away and crossed his arms.  Goku and Gohan shook their heads and looked back at Piccolo and Salla talking.

"This is the last part of your training."  Piccolo said as he looked down at his pupil, with arms crossed and his cape flowing in the light wind.

"I'm so excited!" Salla said happily.  "Back on my home world, all of my teachers said I was 'un-trainable', and I never graduated from their training."

"How's that?"

Salla looked down and away.  She then crossed her arms and kicked at the ground.  She sighed and said: "It is because I would learn everything that they would teach me within a short amount of time.  Then when it was time to fight them...  I...  I couldn't."

"And why is that?"

"*Sigh*, because...  As you can tell...  I'm not like most Saiyans.  I'm only one third, Saiyan.  I know my partial heritage.  They are warrior people and my father was the King of them!  But...  I hate fighting."

Piccolo sighed, turned his head to the side and then chuckled with his eyes closed.  Salla looked up at him and released her arms.

"I should of known from when you refused to train near the ant hill."

Piccolo stepped close to her.  She looked up at him and swallowed heavily.  He nodded his head and looked down at Salla.

"When you first challenged me to train you, you said that you would not train with me unless it was a challenge and for me not to be soft with you.  You are a remarkable student, probably one of the fastest learner's I have came across. But you will never finish anything or become stronger if you do not go past something you are afraid of.  You need to do things you do not like and go places you usually would not go to become stronger and complete."

Salla lowered her head and crossed her arms.  She nodded her head as tears filled her eyes.  "Your right, Senpai-Sama, Piccolo.  I totally agree."

Salla wiped the tears from her eyes, took in a deep breath and sighed heavily.  Piccolo swallowed and looked down at her with gentle concern.

"You are the most insightful, well versed and kindest teacher that I have ever had.  I hope that I can be a better friend to you.  I'm sorry that I have wasted your time.  I wish I could of been a better student."

"What is taking them so long?" Vegeta inquired.  "They are just talking!"

"Hmm, Salla seems upset."  Goku said as he looked on.

"What's going on with them?"  Gohan asked

Piccolo put his hand on top of her head.  Salla looked at her smirking Sensei, past his arm.  A few tears dropped from her widened eyes.  She blushed slightly.

"Gohan is the same way.  He hates fighting.  You were a joy and a breath of fresh air to train with, so don't be sorry.  You gave me something to do and we learned from one another."

Piccolo dropped his hand to her shoulder, held it firmly and smiled a bit more.  Salla breathed in smiled.

"So, is the training over? I didn't fail you?."

"If you don't want to fight me, then I will not force you.  I just hope you remember everything that we have practiced."

"I hope the same for you, Senpai-Sama.  I taught you some things also."  Salla giggled."

"Don't worry, I will." Piccolo said as he patted her on the shoulder.  He then crossed his arms.

"Friends?" Salla asked.

"Yeah...  Friends."  Piccolo smirked.

Salla jumped in the air then rushed Piccolo and hugged him.  Piccolo titled back slightly with his arms separated from her in surprise.  He blushed heavily, sighed and wrapped one arm around her, then patted her on the back as he looked away.  That made Salla hug him slightly tighter.

"You really are strong."  He chuckled.

"I like proving strength this way.  So get ready for my 'strength hugs' for a lifetime!  This is all I ever wanted from you, anyway."

Salla released him and then looked up at him.  Piccolo looked down at her and crossed his arms.

"Did he just hug her?!"  Vegeta snapped.  "That damned Namek really has gotten soft! I came here for nothing?!"

Goku and Gohan give one another a high-five.  Vegeta turned to them in frustration.  "You two approve of this?!"

"Yeah, we sure do."  Goku said.  "We've been trying to set them up ever sine she first came here and it looks like it's on the right path."

"I hope it works out!"  Gohan replied.  "I want to legally call him 'Uncle Piccolo'."

"Hey, Vegeta."  Goku called.

"What, Kakarot?"

"You know because of Salla we are kind of brothers now."

"Don't fucking remind me, dammit!"

"Well, if those two get together, then he will be your brother also."  Goku laughed.  

"HELL NO! I can't stand that guy!!!"  Vegeta roared.  

"Oh come on, Vegeta-."  Goku said.

"So you never wanted to fight at all.  You just wanted to get to know me?"  Piccolo asked.

Salla nodded her head and looked down.  "I knew that you liked training and heard that you trained my family.  I did not feel that I would be interesting to you in any other way.  Or that you would really notice me.  I'm sorry for deceiving you.  I'm not a liar and I hate deception myself.  So if you are upset with me, I understand."

Piccolo turned away, crossed his arms and sighed.  Salla closed her eyes and lowered her head.

"So not only did you deceive me, to get my 'attention', you did it in a way that stereotypes me as someone that loves to train and fight all the time.  Then even worse, you put yourself down.  There is more to me than fighting, training young people and learning different martial arts.  I'm sure that there is more to you than that also."

"I'm sorry, Piccolo-San."  Salla cried.  "I will leave you to consider my apology.  I hope that...  We can meet somewhere as friends, and get to know one another as people.  I really do admire you from the time that we have spent together.  Good afternoon."

"Salla-San!"  Piccolo said as he turned to her.  Salla turned back to Piccolo and looked up at him.  Piccolo walked up to her and crossed his arms.  Salla's emotions were rolling like waves throughout her body.  He then sighed, rolled his eyes, tapped his foot and looked down at her.

"Tea."  Piccolo said in a low voice.

"Wh-wha...  What?"  Salla said in a low crackling voice.

"You can start with some of your special tea.  I was--not only me...  Mr. Popo has a garden and would like to grow some of that mint-like tea.  So you can come over and help him with that.  Then maybe come over every few days or once a week, and teach him how to brew some?"

"I...  Have a few plants I can transfer... Yeah."

"And, umm...  I, I might be around to talk to.  You know."  Piccolo added, as he raised his hand to the back of his head and rubbed it nervously.  He blushed heavily.

Salla read the emotion on his face, darted her eyes around and then nodded her head.  "I can do that.  'Maybe' I will talk to you from time to time, while 'helping' Mr. Popo. with the plants."  She smirked.

"Well then.  I'm glad we are on agreement on that."

"I believe we are" Salla blushed.

Vegeta then landed closed to them.  He seemed irritated and upset.


"I thought that her strength was going to be shown today."  Vegeta said in a low angry voice.

"She doesn't like to fight Vegeta.  Salla's training is over and she succeeded in learning everything that I could possibly teach her."

"You have gotten soft."

"Is that a challenge, Vegeta?!" Piccolo yelled.

"Hmpth, you can't even fight my little sister, so I doubt that you would stand up with me, green man."  Vegeta Chuckled.

Piccolo grunted and turned his head to the side.  He tightened his fists.  Salla looked at him, then at Vegeta.

"It's nice that you finally acknowledged me as your sibling, but please, do not insult my Senpai!" Salla cried.

"You might be my sister, but you wasted your time training with this Namek.  Gohan tuned into some soft serve, stay at home."

"HOW DARE YOU?!" Piccolo yelled.

Salla put her hand on Piccolo's chest.  Her teacher and brother looked at her.  Anger and frustration fill her face.

"Vegeta...  Son of my father!  It was bad enough that you denied me for the past, few months.  Then you not only insult Piccolo, who is one of the best people that I have ever met, but then my nephew?!  How is being a good father and a intellectual man weakness?!"

"You don't understand." Vegeta scoffed.  "First of all your only part Saiyan, then you were partially made in a laboratory."

"I was birthed from a mother, just like you were. I grew in her womb!"  Salla said as she dropped her arm from Piccolo's chest and her head also.  Piccolo looked down at her, then at Vegeta.

"It's o.k. Salla.  Your brother just needs a good 'clock cleaning'."

"No, Piccolo.  He is my brother.  I'll handle him."

"Oh, really, little girl?" Vegeta chuckled.

"Salla--you don't-"

"Not every Saiyan is blood thirsty.  Not every Cathlithan is a genius.  And not every Namek is a weak, flower smeller!  You bring shame to your position as my brother and son to my father!" 

Salla punched him through three canyon pillars.  Everyone looked at the holes, then back at Salla.  They could not sense her energy.  It almost seemed that she had none at all.

"Senpai-Sama, Please relocate yourself."

"Salla-San you-"

"PLEASE!" Salla Pleaded.

Piccolo nodded his head.  He flew over to Goku and Gohan.

"Salla is fighting Vegeta, because he basically insulted her with his bigotry and stupidity."

"What did he say, Piccolo?" Gohan asked.

"He said that I trained you to be weak and that she was inferior for being mixed.  She took it as a insult to her father's name, to you and to me."

"Well, just because I'm a pacifist does not mean that I am weak.  And if it was not for you I would of been dead more than three times. Along with the entire Earth.  Vegeta is just a brute."

Vegeta blasted back to Salla's position.  He wiped a trickle of blood from his mouth.  Salla looked at him through the tops of her eyes.

"So, baby wants to play.  "  Vegeta chuckled.  "Well then, I suppose I can give you a proper spanking."

im not complete with chapter 3, but the only thing I can tell you, its one of the most emotional of the story.  im very much enjoying doing this story more than i thought i would.  i do not want to lose the characters original, characteristics since it is a FAN FICTION, im trying to show their feelings...  hopefully im doing a good job.


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